TrialDirector 360

Litigation Teams Can Easily Collaborate with TrialDirector 360

Multiple users can work collaboratively on a centrally stored case with one simple tool, streamlining your trial preparation and presentation process. Your team’s TrialDirector 360 administrator has complete control over the subscription, feature sets available to each user, and control over which users are active or inactive, depending on the feature set.


Simple User Interface
Dynamic Labels
Witness and Trial Workbooks
Create PDFs


Supports Most Multimedia
Presentation Previews
Live Viewing Options
Sync Video and Text


Transcript Reduction
High-End Performance
Find Exhibits Easily
Overlay Side-By-Side

What people are saying about TrialDirector 360

“We use TrialDirector by Ipro in all our major trials, including a recent $148 million personal injury award.”

– Salvi Law 2018

Meet Ipro TrialDirector 360

Welcome to TrialDirector 360 – the most flexible and widely-used trial presentation technology available. Easily organize, annotate and customize your exhibits for large or small cases.

  • Present virtually any type of document or media from your PC or laptop
  • Streamline your entire trial preparation and presentation process with one tool
  • Organize transcripts, video depo’s, and documents for offline presentation
  • Wow juries and clients through easy-to-present, impactful multimedia presentations
  • Easily sync your data between collaborators when working on a trial

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Get Started with TrialDirector 360

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Updated user interface with customized layouts to fit your workflow.


Advanced transcript management with associated exhibit links and video, issues, designations, redactions and more.


Expanded Transcript Redaction and Designation Tools.


Bulk update exhibits in minutes using dynamic labels and resequencing options.


New database structure to increase reliability and performance.


Video clip creation, editing, and playlists highlight critical case evidence.


Easily find exhibits on-the-fly quickly and efficiently.


View and customize exhibits before they are displayed with Presentation Preview.

System Requirements

  Minimum Specifications Recommended Specifications
OS: Windows 10 – 64bit Windows 10 – 64bit
CPU: Dual-Core Quad-Core
Memory: 8GB 8GB
Disk Space: 256GB 500GB
Graphics Card: 128 MB dedicated video memory Nvidia or AMD – 2GB dedicated video memory

32-Bit Office Compatibility – TrialDirector 360 requires a 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine for importing legacy MDB database files.  Applications such as Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Visio 2010 install a 32-bit version of the Access Database Engine, which is not compatible with TrialDirector 360.

Internet – While internet access is not required for regular TrialDirector 360 use, customers will need an internet connection to access online content, register, and license the product.

*The minimum hardware requirements are suitable for trial preparation purposes.  The recommended hardware requirements are strongly suggested for courtroom presentation.”